Old School Bulbs Still at 4th South Ace Hardware

Although we love all the CFL's, LED's, and Halogen technologies, we still have the traditional bulbs you've always used.

Although they stopped manufacturing 75 and 100-Watt bulbs in 2012, and now 40 and 60 are done too, we still have a few 100-Watt 4-packs ($2.49) in our warehouse. Get them before they are gone forever! Check out some of Ace's other bulbs here.

Sixteen 60-watt incandescent bulbs for $9.99-We have this value pack while supplies last. Sixteen, high quality GE incandescents for $10 bucks! If you don't like the look of the new spiral CFL's and you don't want to pay for halogen or LED (although as time passes, they are able to make them better and cheaper), then this is a great buy to stock up with.

Incandescent bulbs will continue to be phased out. In addition, the whole language of light bulbs is changing away from watts and into lumens. We're trying to keep up with the curve here at the store. If you have any questions about the new technologies available, please stop in and talk to one of our trained associates.

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