Top 10 Reasons to Supply Your Business Through Ace

Or Why You Must Meet Bill

If you shop at Ace to buy items for your business, or you're thinking of starting a small business, you need to meet Bill, our business sales guy. We understand you're probably in a hurry to get back to work, so here are the top 10 things he can do for you!

1. Bulk discounts- some are already in place, like 10% off furnace filters or caulk if you buy in volume, but Bill can work with you on pricing. Especially if you repeatedly buy regular maintenance items like light bulbs or cleaning supplies.

2. Set you up with a rewards card- which gets you better deals, earns you store credit, makes returns simple, and allows us to look up receipts for your records if you need us to.

3. We can start carrying the things you want us to, if we don't currently have them in the store.

4. Stock higher quantities of the products you regularly need, or keep a stash of your favorite stuff in the back for when you need it.

5. Set you up with an in-house account- which is a "net-30" account, where you or anyone you authorize can charge to your account, and then we'll bill you once a month. These are especially convenient if you don't have a corporate credit card.

6. Can work with you on all pricing, not just flat discounts.

7. Arrange deliveries if you're close or spending a lot.

8. Bill has lived in Salt Lake City a long time, so if he can't help you here, he knows where to send you to get what you need.

9. Set up a contractor discount connected to a rewards card or house account so that you can purchase from and still get your discount.

10. He's a human feedback box- tell him how we can improve!

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